Nature's Equine Answers


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~Optimal Equine Wellness™ ~The Basics

Spiral bound 8" x 11" manual filled with 100 pages of single sided information.  Get ready to learn about each system of the horse and how to identify the root cause of dis-ease in your horse.  Then how to use herbal ways to activate his divine ability to reach optimal wellness.The left side read, allows for the perfect right side note and journal additions for each student, right in your manual!    This book comes with the option to certify as a Certified Natural Equine Counsultant, after completeing practicum and passing a 6 page test to show you understand how the equine systems break down and rebuild with the aid of natures herbal products!  And the detective abilities to uncover the stressors in the environment of each horse.          ~Nature's Equine Answers "gold book"  is being melded into this book to have the dictionary page following the application pages.
This gives the ancient as well as personal knowledge featuring herbal products created by Ronald R. Ketcham.  These formulas are on the auction block to be re-created and labeled for distribution by a company who wants the value and cutting edge herbal products to get the healing for optimal wellness from the natural God given forage of the herbal kingdom, not additives and fillers.  These dictionary style profile pages are a great tool to learn how the synergetics of a great formula can accomplish the building or detoxing necessary for serious horsekeeping stable knowledge.  Learn the synergetic action of all the formulas here.
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